I desire to positively influence the community where I live and help those who face hardships within the criminal justice system. I have a proven track record of being a community engager, advocate, and leader.

Mental Health

My goal is to address mental health for not only inmates but for Deputies as well. Daily, those who work in corrections deal with individuals who may be suffering with mental health issues. When these individuals come into our facilities and have a crisis, our Deputy Sheriffs, mental, and medical staff are left to deal with incidents that occur. I want to make sure the resources that are available to our Deputy Sheriffs are used as well as our inmates are correctly diagnosed while in the jail to decrease issues faced once released. 


95% of those who end up behind bars return to our community. Our jails can play a key role in creating a framework to reinforce and regulate how individuals can positively transition back to the community. We improve community safety by keeping people from returning to jail for another crime. We need a clear and cooperative bridge between the Sheriff’s Department and established programs within our City that can offer resources or needed assistance.


My goal is to ensure our organization is reflective of the community we live in and that all are treated with understanding and respect. This includes active, ongoing participation of the community as a whole in the vision of a better, safer community. With Roanoke’s diversity, every voice should be heard. 

In support of a diverse and inclusive community, I believe it is the duty of the Sheriff’s department to protect and serve our community with understanding and respect.

Antonio Hash

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